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⚙️ #4 UBCO Highlights Reel 🔲

Everyone at UBCO did great work through the pandemic and we want to use this post to celebrate those accomplishments with a series of killer visuals - enjoy.
⚙️ #4 UBCO Highlights Reel 🔲
Colin ex-UBCO Chief Product Officer takes the UBCO Special Edition 2X2 off trail in Bend 📷 UBCO

The DUST team leant their hearts and minds to UBCO for a combined 6 years. The brand was born to replace the traditional 125cc internal combustion 'farm bike' with no gas, no emissions, no noise. UBCO has won multiple awards from design to business and is backed broadly by the New Zealand Government, crowdfund retail investors via Snowball Effect, and institutional VC investors including GD1.

UBCO offers safe fun e-motorbikes for work and play on and off-road. Through Covid, the amazing UBCO team launched the iconic 2X2 electric bike, quadrupled sales, team, capital, and valuation. Plus set up a ground-breaking partnership to become the Domino’s pizza bike of choice in New Zealand.

The 2X2 has all-wheel drive with two hub motors, a top speed of 30 miles per hour, a 75-mile range, and is conveniently lightweight, making it easy to lift onto van, truck, or RV to extend your adventure.

Everyone at UBCO did great work through the pandemic and we want to use this post to celebrate those accomplishments with a series of killer visuals - enjoy.

UBCO 2X2 is street-legal and designed for all 📷 UBCO
UBCO 2X2 does it all from tarmac to ranching to camping to hunting 📷 UBCO
UBCO 2X2 has an ultra low centre of gravity to maximize agility and stability 📷 UBCO
UBCO 2X2 2023 Special Edition (left) 📷 UBCO
UBCO containerized scalable test ride Hub in Portland 📷 UBCO
UBCO partnership with NBA Portland Trail Blazers 📷 UBCO
Dominos "Faster through traffic; parking no issue; cheaper to run; eco friendly" 📷 UBCO

The Dust team's time at UBCO was a valuable step in each of our career journey's leading up to Dust. Important lessons in eMoto were learned "the hard way" in manufacturing, product development, company formation and Brand development. Most importantly, we realized that a focus on your core customer is paramount, and ensuring that product, brand and service met that customer's expectations was job #1.  For UBCO that looked like developing a versatile adventure moped and storytelling to resonate with the outdoorsy urbanite, or rural sportsman.

For Dust, this means building high quality, performance dirt bikes, delivered through the amazing culture and lifestyle that is American Moto.

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Nuggets from the DUST team, friends, and colleagues this week:

  • FIM E-Xplorer championship's second race of the first season took place 24 June in the Swiss Alps in Crans-Montana, and they used the opportunity to highlight the series' master plan. Valentin Guyonnet E-Xplorer CEO “Our plans for the following two years will be to attract the major OEMS and examine other sustainable energy options as the race for complete sustainability marches on and new technologies are introduced” (here). The first FIM E-Xplorer race was covered in post #2: California Dreaming.
  • Torrot just launched their 65cc class all-electric MX-3, targeting ages 9-14. It is exciting to see electric solutions where they make great sense in squashing the learning curve for youngsters riding dirt bikes (here).
  • Electrek returned to Eurobike again this year, and as usual, the show was dominated by e-bikes. Although not e-moto, there is much to observe and reflect on, from swappable power, to IOT, different drive configs, and more (here).

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