Dust Crowdfund Terms and Conditions

Dust is building a business with a radically transparent approach, underpinned by our utilization of the crowdfunding mechanism. Founders50 and First100 utilize the same organizing principles, but differ slightly in their execution.



The First100 program is a crowdfunding campaign and builds on the model typically set out by platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo . Our unique take involves monthly interactivity that go along with your monthly payments.

While we are incredibly bullish about the future we can build together through this funding model, we must note that since this is a crowdfund campaign, there is real risk that we might not succeed in building the business, or the bikes. Our commitment to our backers is that we will do everything we can to make sure this thing is a success.

Payment Terms:

In order for a First100 member to receive their reward for crowdfunding (a Dust Model_01 bike), they must make 15 monthly payments of $500 and a final balloon payment of $1800. The initial payment is considered a non-refundable deposit. These payments are interest fee, and sum to a total of $9300, or 15% off the MSRP of $10,950.

After our successful F50 launch, we have more confidence than ever, and for this round, we are offering refunds at any point in the process beyond the initial deposit.

The non-refundable deposit allows Dust to make development and production commitments at small batch levels, and ensure that the exclusive slots are allocated to customers who intend on seeing the program through.

Our expected delivery for these bikes is at the close of the payments, targeting July 2025.

Additionally, this program offers privileged access to sensitive information and early stage equipment. The following file covers these conditions of participation.