Dust First100 - Early Access

Dear Dust Moto crew,

It’s time. Our next batch of 100 bikes is opening, and we wanted you to be the first to know.

Thank you for getting in touch over the past 6 months to join the waitlist.

You now have exclusive 48 hours access to join our First100 Bikes crowdfund program and reserve your Dust Model_1 bike (Serial 01-100) before the public has access this Friday, 2-23-24.

Not only will these be the first 100 bikes off the production line, but you will also be getting the bikes for 15% off the list price of $10,950 ($9300), with zero interest payments split across 15 months until you get your bike.

There are 3 easy steps to jumping onboard:

  1. Read more about the program here
  2. Read through the Terms and conditions
  3. Complete sign-up and payment. Note the first $500 is non-refundable

You are on your way to shredding the best play bike ever made. Tell your crew, because riding is best with friends!

We'll see you when the dust settles - Team Dust