First100 - IS CLOSED!

The next opportunity to become a Dust backer has arrived. A limited number of slots are available to secure one of the first 100 production bikes, and gain exclusive access to the development of the Model_1.


Dust Moto is an electric dirt bike company on a mission to be the #1 American Moto Brand, globally. We're committed to the vision of building an iconic brand through amazing product, storytelling and community building. There’s a massive gap in the powersports market today and we are confident that by engaging you, the passionate enthusiast, we can build something amazing, together.

Our initial efforts have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people connecting with our journey, through our social media accounts and newsletter. There is so much more to come!


Following the success of the Founders 50 program, and the recent Alpha prototype tests, lots of people have been asking how to get a Model_1. We are opening orders for the first 100 full production batch bikes, and we are calling this program the "Dust First100." These bikes will feature serial #'s 001-100. (Founders50 have: F01-F50)

Counter to many other brands, we have committed to opening up access to our development process for early customers and fans, to ensure that the product YOU want gets built. By releasing limited batches of bikes that include your member participation, we will able to build the best quality bikes, that deliver the best experience possible.

During this 15 month program, you will get behind the scenes access to our team for the duration of the development process until we ship your bike, Summer 2025.

If you've always dreamed of helping design a vehicle, this program is for you.


We are designing the Model_1 to be the ultimate dirt play bike. Whether you are ripping a backyard track, the local singletrack loop or hitting the hills with friends, the Model_1 has you covered with its class designing power-weight ratio.

We've kept the core attributes of a performance dirt bike, and stripped away everything you don't need. With performance closed-cartridge moto suspension, progression optimized linkage, full-size dirt bike wheels, and premium brake kit. Geometry is optimized for performance and rideability. With a chromoly front triangle, and aluminum swing-arm and subframe, the chassis is built to take a beating. Easy to service, customize, and upgrade. Approachable for a novice, killer for an expert. Designed and built in America.


  • Mid-Size bike (90% standover and 95% wheelbase of full-size bike)
  • Performance oriented geometry
  • 26kW+/35hp peak power
  • 3.5kWh swappable battery
  • 500Nm torque
  • 60+ mph
  • Full size dirt bike wheel spec (21" F, 18"/19" R)
  • 260mm front / 275mm rear suspension with custom kinematics 
  • 260mm front brake disc, 220mm rear disc
  • 91kg (Target 200lbs) 
  • MSRP $10,950

The First100 program has been filled and is now closed.


  • First 100 production bikes slated for delivery in Summer 2025
  • Exclusive access to the development program along the way - meetings, live updates and demos
  • 15% off the $10950 MSRP - $9300!
  • Paid over 15 monthly payments of $500
  • Final payment of $1800 includes shipping of the bike to US/CAN.
  • Cancel if needed for full refund, minus the initial $500 deposit

The Notes

  • Terms and Conditions located (Here)
  • More about the Dust team. (Here)
  • If you miss out on the first100 or are outside the US/Canada sign up for the waitlist. Later this year we're launching a second crowdfund campaign for our next limited release and we'll hold you a place.
  • We’re restricting pre-order volumes to ensure we can make bike deliveries happen in a timely way and manage risks for both sides.
  • Further reading on the philosophy around crowdfunding (here)

The Disclaimer

While we are incredibly bullish about the future we can build together, we must note that since this is a crowdfund campaign, there is real risk that we might not succeed in building the business, or the bikes. Our commitment to our backers is that we will do everything we can to make sure this thing is a success, and the refundable nature of the program highlights our intentions. The inclusion of an initial non-refundable deposit of $500 ensures that the limited slots in the program are acquired by serious customers and allows us to drive production commitments.