DUST Founders50 is FILLED

Dust F50 campaign is officially full! Send us an email to newsletter@dustmoto.com to be added to the waitlist.

You've made it.

Today we invite 50 US riders to join the Dust 'Founders50' program.

The Brand

Dust Moto is an electric dirt bike company on a mission to be the #1 American Moto Brand, globally. We've set out committed to the vision of building an iconic brand through amazing product, storytelling and community building. There’s a massive gap in the market and we are confident that by engaging you, the passionate enthusiast, we can build something amazing, together.

The Program

Founders50 is a radical new crowdfund program, taking backers on a 20-month behind-the-scenes journey to bear witness as we develop the bike and brand from a completely clean sheet. You’ll join a tight network of business, brand and product leaders on monthly Google video calls, as we share regular updates and provide early access to prototypes. We believe that the radical transparency achieved through this small group of early backers is critical to our success.

The primary reward for backers in the Founders50 program is the receipt of one of the first 50 bikes made, with customized F50 details to match. Plus Dust and industry partner swag along the way.

The Bike (Dust_Model 1)

F50 members will help shape the product at a detail level. However, we have identified the target category and architecture that frames the gap in the market.

The Dust_Model 1 bike blends thoughtful design and EV tech to create a lighter, more playful dirt bike experience. We’ve kept the core attributes of a performance dirt bike, and stripped away everything you don't need. With premium name brand suspension, brakes and rider touch points. Optimized geometry for performance and ride-ability. Tough enough to take a beating. Easy to service, customize, and upgrade. Approachable for a novice, killer for an expert. Designed and built in America.

“The market has been searching for a premium, American-made eMoto, and Dust is the first to make that move” - Tucker Neary, Electric Cycle Rider

Target specification:

  • Full-size moto wheel spec (21" F, 18"/19" R)
  • 26KW/35HP peak power
  • 3.2kWh minimum battery
  • 500Nm torque
  • ~250mm suspension travel front and rear
  • 85kg
  • MSRP $10,000.00

Dust_Model 1 will be the ultimate middleweight eMoto.

The Champions

The Founders50 experience is designed to build community and collaboration during the product development lifecycle. We are stoked to be bringing a game changing product to market with a close-knit group of brand champions.

Notable early champions and industry insiders have signed on to participate, including Aaron Gwin (Here), Austin Smith (Here), Chance Gaul (Here), and Tucker Neary from Electric Cycle Rider (Here).

The Sign Up (Subscription)

You don't want to miss out on this rare chance to build the future of American moto with us. Crowdfund Dust by reviewing Terms and Conditions and signing up :

You will then pay $250 per month for 20 months, which is $5,000 in total. After 20 months of supporting Dust, your subscription will end and you will be presented with your bike in May 2025 in Bend (or we can ship to you). The bike will have an MSRP of $10,000 once it launches to the general public, therefore you'll have saved 50% through Founders50. Because this is a crowdfunding campaign, there are no refunds should a participant decide to cancel their subscription.

Dust F50 campaign is officially full! Send us an email to newsletter@dustmoto.com to be added to the waitlist.

The Notes

  • Terms and Conditions located (Here)
  • More about the Dust team. (Here)
  • If you miss out on the first 50 or are outside the US sign up for the waitlist . Later this year we're launching a second crowdfund campaign for our next 200 customers and we'll hold you a place.
  • We’re restricting pre-order volumes to ensure we can make bike deliveries happen in a timely way.
  • It’s likely that our Founders50 program is the first time a new brand has crowdfunded via a newsletter premium subscription.
  • Philosophy around crowdfunding (here)

The Disclaimer

While we are incredibly bullish about the future we can build together, we must note that since this is a crowdfund campaign, there is real risk that we might not succeed in building the business, or the bikes. Our commitment to our backers is that we will do everything we can to make sure this thing is a success. In the off chance that we are not able to pull it off, we will work all angles to do right by the Founders50 crew.