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⚙️ #23 Dust is 1 Year Old 🥳

As we pass our 1 year anniversary we take a look back over the last 12 month to reflect on where we started vs. where we are now. Thank you to all supporters and followers over the last year, much more building and riding to come!
⚙️ #23 Dust is 1 Year Old 🥳
Working to be the #1 American dirt bike brand 📸 Dust Moto

**Reminder First100 crowdfund will close soon - Spots still available HERE!**

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we thought this would be a great opportunity to look back and see where we started and where we are now. As a small team, we are incredibly proud of what we have learned and achieved over the past year.

First off, it is worth noting that we would not be as far along in our development today without our stellar angel investors, the amazing members of Founders_50 and First_100, our social media followers, and all those who have supported us along the way. The off-road recreation community has been incredibly supportive in helping us build towards our goal of becoming the #1 US dirt bike brand globally.

Carson Storch ripping the first alpha prototype 📸 Mighty Creatures Content

The inception of Dust began with a passion for the sport. Through riding and market research, we recognized a significant gap in the market for a reliable, mid-weight electric dirt bike, as well as a complete lack of American representation in the dirt bike industry. Thus, as a team of three, we started developing the Dust brand positioning and early Model_1 concepts.

Out of the gate, the aesthetics of the concept and the market positioning clearly struck a chord. The positioning as the middle ground between Surron and Stark connected with elite riders as well as new riders. We quickly filled the Founders_50 program in August last year, and from then on, we've been fully pinned.

It's been a busy year with:

  • 2x successful initial crowdfunds - Founders_50 and First_100.
  • 3x 'Alpha' prototype bikes with >50 hours ride time between them.
  • Partnered with NewLab and Bloom in Detroit, MI. for assembly and logistics.
  • 8x monthly update meetings for our Founders_50 and First_100 members.
  • Grown to almost 20k loyal, fun Instagram followers - we read every comment!
  • Built countless valuable relationships with vendors and industry experts that have helped answer questions and collaborate on projects.
  • Many press features from Vital MX to Power Sports Business to TechCrunch.

Early bike build ASMR 🎥

Through feedback from early test rides, we have taken the Alpha (first prototype) bikes to a point far beyond what we ever imagined. While there is still plenty of work to be done regarding production component decisions and specs, the geometry and frame will remain largely unchanged for production, aside from shaving off some weight. Thank you to all the early riders for your honest feedback during these last few months of testing. The next step is to build a fleet of Beta (second prototype) bikes and get them out for long-term testing.

We have also been working tirelessly to solidify Dust as the ultimate American moto brand. The announcement of our partnership with NewLab and Bloom in Detroit, MI, feels like an important step toward that goal. The city of Detroit has been working to revitalize areas that were once the centerpiece of the American auto industry. NewLab and Bloom will support us in our R&D and early-stage manufacturing efforts to ensure a successful production launch.

As we move forward, we have several major milestones coming up this summer:

  • **Closing our First_100 crowdfund - Spots still available HERE!**
  • Opening a WeFunder equity crowdfund plus traditional pre-order list (no more discounts!).
  • 6-9 Beta bikes for additional testings with athletes/partners in US and EU.

We are aware that funding for micro-mobility and EV is currently in a tough place, especially with so much funding going toward AI. However, with every new rider on the Model_1 and every check written, we are confident Dust will cross the chasm and secure a significant multi-million dollar seed round.

We have always believed, and will continue to believe, that Dust is not entering the industry to be a gas bike killer. Instead, we aim to work alongside gas bikes to get more riders out and provide a different experience from what gas bikes currently offer. Every investor, crowdfund member, and follower helps us get closer to that goal!

Fun ride day with Brad Roberts (BeRad) in Michigan 🎥 Trey Sarmento

If you don't already follow us, be sure the check out the links below and join us as we move forward:

Prototype Updates - New section!

We will start including regular updates to keep you in the loop with the prototype progression, learnings, improvements, testing, and everything in between.

  • Suspension - we are testing out different forks in the leadup to getting our custom built units. We have put some time on both WP air forks from an 85SX as well as some custom fitment open-bath coil spring units from Formula. We are confident that our suspension partners at Sirris will be able to take performance to the next level.
  • New controller testing! We have been using the Silixcon controller on alpha bike #1&2, but for alpha #3 we have installed an EBMX controller and battery to drive the custom KO motor. We are excited to start to dig into customizing the controller to increase performance beyond the first bikes, and see how different the UX is between the two.

Dust Gold

  • Honda Powersports has announced it is going fully electric by 2040. This is an interesting move for a company that is so deeply rooted in the gas. Check out more info HERE.
  • Looks like Gas Gas is jumping into the eMTB market with their newest pedal assist mountain bike. Pinkbike did a review of the new Gas Gas ECC 6. Check it out HERE
  • The Red Bull Hardline event continually pushes the boundaries. But how does a dirt bike compete against the gravity power of a downhill bike? Check it out below!

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Done and DUSTED for this month. See you all on the next lap.