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🚨 First100 IS LIVE 🏁

The First100 Crowdfund is now live! Be sure to sign up early to get behind the scenes access to the development process and one of the first 100 Dust production bikes.
🚨 First100 IS LIVE 🏁

The official launch of the First100 is now live!

This program is built to get riders like you behind the scenes and involved in the development process to ensure we are building the bike YOU want.

The First100 will have access to monthly meetings, newsletters, and additional development updates. And at the end, you get one of the first 100 Model_1 production bikes delivered to you Summer 2025.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity to support and have direct input into the next iconic American moto brand.

Program and subscription information can be found through the link above. We are excited to build the future of eMoto with you.